Thursday, January 22, 2015

Men's Attire - Shirts, Shoes, and Accessories for your Suit

You know that in order to execute the suave "grown and sexy" look you'll need a suit. That means you've already read about the man's suit attire for winter. Let's say that you have that suit, or those suits already. Now you may be wondering how to make your presence stronger and more valued with just your appearance. The first step is choosing the right shirt. As I wrote in the last post, fashion gurus and stylists were pushing hard for the jewel colored shirts last winter to accompany your suit. For the professional man, I do not recommend following the trend. Classic colors like crisp white, pale baby blue, lavender, and light pink will make your black, blue, and grey suits stand out. Also, the classic thin pinstriped shirt, or gingham patterned shirt with conservative light colors will pair well with your suit.

If you're into the classic looks provided by Brooks Brothers, you may want to try shirts by Thomas Pink, or Charles Tyrwhitt. Considering economic factors, those choices may not always be suitable for the up and coming professional. Stores like Macy's, JCPenney, and Belk - while being department stores - often times sell materials that are high quality and well fitting to most men sizes when it comes to dress shirts. There's always the professional men's stores like Jos A. Banks and Men's Wearhouse. Last, if you have a personal tailor, work with him/her to see what fits you best. To the right is one classic example that you may want to try with your suit.

Now that we've put together the basic concept of the suit and dress shirt, lets build from there. Depending on your personal preference, you may consider adding more than just a tie to your suit. However, before you do that, you may also consider checking your suit to see if it has any patterns in the stitching. If so, solid ties are marvelous additions for your patterned suit. If your suit is a solid color and stitch, try seeking a tie that has a pattern like paisley, argyle, houndstooth, pinstripe, or cross stitch. Check out the example to the left.

With mention of the example to the left; notice the other accessories accompanying the suit. There's a tie, tie clip, a lapel pin, and a pocket square. For the average business man, all of those items may not be needed. However, I can assure you dapper individuals that two items are. You''ll want to purchase tie clips, or tie pins to keep your tie from flapping around in the wind and becoming tangled. The business professional should always have a hankerchief, or pocket square in his outer chest pocket. Suits tend to look incomplete without them. However, never confuse the two. The pocket square is generally more expensive and is usually made of silk. Modern pocket squares are starting to be made of cotton like hankerchiefs. Hankerchiefs are usually white, or pale in color and have multi-purpose uses besides style.     

Lapel pins come in many different shapes and sizes. Most pins come from organizations and men wear those pins to show their affiliations to such organizations. Increasingly over the last few years men have started to flaunt the lapel pin which may make you think of the boutonniere that you wore during prom in high school. While the current trend suggests the floral look, the professional man may want to stick the lapel pin the look more like a button, or is a button.

If you're stuck gazing at the picture with the socks, then you have come to the fun part of this post - socks and watches. A suit generally isn't complete without either.  A watch says that you're a professional person who is accountable for every minute of the day and that you like to have a complete polished look when dressed. Socks on the hand, say much more. You could wear black socks and be somber all year, or you could add a splash of design and color to compliment your other accessories. Last, you'll want to make sure your belt and shoes match. Grey and blue suits can dance on the line of brown and black accessories. However, black suits should never be seen with brown belts or shoes - that's a faux pas when it comes to dressing as a man. Don't be that guy. lol Check out the post picture below which demonstrates everything you read above, or didn't read.


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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

5 Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids

I recently did a post titled 5 Christmas gift ideas for women. Today's post is 5 Christmas gift ideas for kids.

Frozen Snow Glow Elsa

This is the perfect gift for any Frozen fan. The dress lights up and it even has its own crown. It is good for kids ages 3 and up.

Lego Movie Lego's

Every kid loves Lego's, This set has 6 mini-figures and multiple features. Suggested ages are 8 and up.

Breaking Bad Figures

You can't go wrong with getting a Walter White action figure.

Anki Drive Starter Kit Game

If you know a kid that likes racing games this is the gift for him/her. The game comes with 2 cars and its own track.

Doc McStuffin's Mobile Clinic Play Tent

Your kid can become a "doctor" with this Doc McStuffin's Mobile Clinic Play Tent. The "clinic" even comes with its own tool.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Yung P ft. Cecil - Yung & Restless

Yung P is back with his newest track Yung & restless.  Support him by listening below.